Do You MU?

Whatever Your Page, Whatever Your Place

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What MU is

MU is an acronym for Mobile URL. This service was designed to make it easy to use your mobile device to see a web page you're viewing on your desktop browser. Using a combination of URL redirection and a bookmarklet, we make a handoff two clicks away, allowing you to quickly get off your butt on on your feet! We essentially allow you to create a channel on which to broadcast web pages. Some examples of how this can be used:

What MU isn't

Although there are a number of problems URL redirection can help with, MU was made with the specific task of handoff in mind. It can be used for other things, but results will be mixed if you want MU to:

shorten a long URL
While you may indeed get a shorter URL by using MU, what we return is not intended to permanently point to any single location. Your channel is not currently protected, either, so anyone could change it if you wait too long to use it.
do bookmark syncing
Since the focus of MU is on one particular URL (whatever page you're looking at), it doesn't work too great for putting a collection of bookmarks online.
do social networking
Even though it is possible to share a single channel on MU with any number of users, the world-writable nature of channels makes it impossible to limit use to any particular group.
obscure spam links
We don't like spamming and will actively take steps to limit abuse of MU. Spammers should also keep in mind that anyone they spam can easily go in and change the channel. Pick some other URL redirection service if you want to spam.

Getting MU going

Bookmark link:

You start by simply entering in the name you'd like to use for the channel. It will be handy to do this from your mobile device to save yourself from manually entering the full URL. Warning: if you pick an existing channel you will be redirected to what somebody else already put on it! Please come back and try again with a less common name.

If you ever want to reset your channel, simply use your bookmarklet on about:blank. That will remove the MU redirection, allowing you to more easily bookmark the channel page, or add it as a web clip to your iPhone's home screen.

Troubleshooting MU problems

If you're having any problems at all, please let us know. Please be sure to include relevant details, like the channel name, the URL you're trying to redirect, and the browser you're using.